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It's here! The ultimate journal to work through life's road blocks from a certified life coach who has been there! If you or someone you love has a feeling of being "stuck" and are looking for guidance for the next step, Mindful Self with Timothy McLean is for you. Be sure to order the accompanying book Mentality Switch 1.0 to turn your thoughts into actionable plans and a custom note and autograph from Coach himself!

Now is the time! With a little bit of mindfulness and with Coach Timothy McLean's TPE model, the impossible is possible! 

JOURNAL Mentality Switch 1.0

  • No refunds, exchanges or returns. Mindful Self with Timothy McLean and affliates are not responsbile for loss, damage to person or property. 

  • Journal Included in this purchase only. Please purchase this along with the book to get the most out of the teaching by Life Coach Timothy McLean.

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